VVC For Free!

If you have not yet applied to Victor Valley College it is not too late to do so! 

 VVC is announcing a major initiative to help the Class of 2021. 


The college has set aside enough funds to make sure that every senior that wants to go to VVC starting next fall will not have to pay a dime.

The students will be required to go through the Bridge program and complete the normal steps of:

  • Apply to VVC for Summer 2021 or Fall 2021

  • Complete their FAFSA or CA Dream Act for Financial Aid

  • Complete Student orientation  on VVC WebAdvisor

  • Complete self-placement survey on the VVC WebAdvisor

  • Have a complete educational plan done by their high school Bridge Counselor 

    • Click Here to complete VVC Ed Plan Survey (Ms. Rubio will contact you with Ed Plan)

.  In return, every Bridge senior will receive:

  • $1,000 in vouchers at the Rams Bookstore ($500 for fall and $500 for spring of next year) 

  • Have ALL their fees, including a parking pass and bus pass paid for

  •  Most of the students will qualify for free tuition under the California Promise but if they complete the FAFSA and do not qualify the college will cover their tuition. Every senior who completed their FAFSA or CA Dream Act will have FREE Tuition!

PRIORITY REGISTRATION IS MAY 12TH. In order to qualify for priority registration you must have all of your bridge steps completed.  In an effort to try to support all of you in being able to take advantage of this opportunity we will be emailing you reminders if we notice your bridge steps are not complete.


Don't delay! If you have not yet applied to VVC get started today!